Dog's Toy Box

Keep all your pet's toys together in this cute wooden crate.


  • Wooden Crate
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Acrylic Paint – Carrot
  • Krylon® Spray Paint – Olive
  • Recollections® Cardstock – White and Turquoise
  • Liquitex® Gel Medium
  • Craft Punches – Assorted Circles
  • Cricut® Personal Cutting Machine
  • Cricut® Cartridges – Font of Choice
  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge Brush
  • Scissors
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Step 1
In well ventilated area, spray crate Olive. May need a second coat. Let paint dry between coats. Soft spray to avoid drips.

Step 2
Paint middle and bottom slats on crate Carrot. May need more than one coat. Let dry between coats.

Step 3
Punch assorted sized circles from white and turquoise paper.

Step 4
Cut dog’s name using desired font cartridge. Make sure the size is appropriate to fit crate.

Step 5
Use gel medium and sponge brush to apply dots and dog’s name onto crate. Let dry.

Step 6
Apply a coat of gel medium over the front of crate covering all letters and circles. This will act as a sealer.

Step 7
Fill with dog’s favourite toys!