Flamenco Ruffle Scarf

For a new twist on ruffle yarn, try using this Flamenco yarn. It is designed with pom poms on one edge of a row of mesh fiber. Your scarf will feel so soft and have a very unique look.


  • Crochet Hook, Size E/4 (3.50MM)
  • Flamenco Ruffle Yarn – Desert Sunset or Colour of Choice
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Sewing Thread – Coordinating Colour of Choice
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Flamenco Ruffle yarn is designed with pom poms on one edge of a row of mesh fiber. While spreading the yarn out, look at the edge which does not have pom poms and you will see an edge with loops. You will be working with this loop edge and leaving the pom pom edge free to form a ruffle. Figure (A) will show you where to place the crochet hook.

Step 1
Place crochet hook in middle of the first loop section and in the next six loops as well.

Step 2
After the seventh loop is on the hook, bring it through each previous loop on hook one at a time.

Step 3

Pick up six more loops onto the hook and bring the seventh loop one at a time through the rest.

Step 4

Continue this pattern repeating until you have the length of scarf you want.

Note: One skein makes a nice long scarf.

Upon completion bring the last loop through and tack in place with a needle and matching sewing thread. This will hold in place. You may trim raw edges on ends if needed.


This project works up quickly, however, if you need to put it down for a few minutes to walk away, make sure you leave the hook in so you don't lose your place.