Wood Christmas Tree 3D Ornament

Turn unfinished wooden Christmas tree ornaments into pieces that will be cherished for years to come.


  • Wood 3D Ornament – Christmas Tree
  • Craft Paint – Green, Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White
  • Paintbrush - Flat and Liner
  • Paper Plate
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Step 1
Paint the tree green. Let dry.

Step 2
Paint the tree trunk brown. Let dry.

Step 3
Add the cord of the Christmas lights using black paint and a liner brush. Let dry.

Step 4
Add lights using yellow, red and blue paint. Let dry.

Step 5
Use the tip of the liner brush to add a little white to the bulbs for additional detail, if desired.


Use photo as a guide.

Paper plates make a great paint palette and are easy to clean up!