Duck Tape® Dog Raincoat

Your pet will stay dry on his walk with this fun Duck Tape® raincoat.

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Duck Tape® Roll – Herringbone and Midnight Madness
  • Celebrate It® Ribbon – Paws
  • Celebrate It® Grosgrain Ribbon – Black
  • Celebrate It® Grosgrain Ribbon, Thin – Pink (Optional)
  • Velcro® Fasteners
  • Recollections™ Adhesive Tape
  • Non-stick Scissors
  • Paper, Large
  • Buttons – White of Choice
  • Crop-a-dile™ (Optional)
  • Thread
  • Needle
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Step 1
Enlarge the coat pattern to the approximate size of your dog’s back. Trace it on a large piece of paper and cut out.

Step 2
Begin to cover one side of the paper pattern with the decorative Duck Tape®.

Step 3
Using the non-stick scissors, cut off tape hanging over the pattern’s edge.

Step 4
Cover the other side of the pattern with the solid Duck Tape®.

Step 5
Using the non-stick scissors cut off tape hanging over the pattern’s edge.

Step 6
Measure grosgrain ribbon around the dog's chest, allowing a 12.7 cm (5") overlap. Cut two pieces.

Step 7
Cut the paw-printed ribbon the same length as the grosgrain.

Step 8
Lay the grosgrain ribbon side by side and place a long piece of Recollections™ adhesive tape on top, holding the two together. On top of the double-stick tape place the paw ribbon. This will make a wide ribbon strap.

Step 9
Position the raincoat over the dog and determine where the strap will be attached. Attach to the Duck Tape® coat with Recollections™ adhesive tape.

Step 10
Fold the top of the coat over about 5 cm (2") to create a collar. Sew buttons on collar to keep it in place. See photo.

Step 11
Place on dog and determine exactly where the Velcro® fasteners will be placed on the strap ends. Add Velcro®.

Step 12
Optional: Punch a hole near the shoulder on each side. Thread a piece of thin grograin ribbon through the hole and leave a tail long enough to tie comfortably around the dog's neck, as shown, to secure.

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