Valentine's Day Craft Foam Tiara

Turn a plain foam tiara into a Valentine's Day princess crown with rhinestones & stickers.

Crafted for Michaels by Brianne Lopriore.


Messy Rating:

Craft Time: Under 30 mins

Uses Recycled Items: No

Keywords: january2013, C_32668, Valentine's Day Craft Foam Tiara, foam crafts, kids


  • Foam Tiara – Pink or Red
  • Foam or Felt Stickers – Words & Heart
  • Rhinestones, Sticky-back
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Step 1
Select a glittery pink or red foam tiara.

Step 2
Choose any Valentine’s style word stickers and/or heart-shaped foam or felt stickers and adhere to tiara.

Step 3
Embellish your creation with matching sticky-back rhinestones.


In general, try to place the biggest stickers on first, and near the front centre of the tiara.