Scandinavian Mini Candleholder

Craft this charming mini candle holder with a distinctly Scandinavian theme using Americana® paints.

Crafted for Michaels by Barbara Greve courtesy of DecoArt Design Team.


  • DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic Paints – Snow (Titanium) White and Primary Red
  • Rectangular Sign - 5.1 cm x 7.6 cm (2"x3")
  • Candle Cup, 1.9 cm (¾") (with 0.63 cm (¼") Hole)
  • Paintbrush – #4 Flat and #0 Spotter
  • Wooden Bird, 5.1 cm x 8.9 cm (2"x3½")
  • Water Container
  • Palette (or Plastic Plate)
  • Paper Towels
  • Sandpaper, 15-grit
  • Brown Paper Bag
  • Silicon Glue
  • Wood Glue
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Note: Allow paint to dry between colour, coats, and steps. Allow glue to dry between steps.

Step 1
Using 150-grit sandpaper, sand rectangular base smooth and remove dust with damp paper towel.

Step 2
Using wood glue, centre and glue candle cup to base.

Step 3
Using #4 flat brush, base-coat candle cup and bird Snow White; and rectangular base, Primary Red.

Step 4
Using piece of brown paper bag, sand bird, base, and candle cup smooth. Remove any dust with damp paper towel.

Step 5
Copy patterns onto tracing paper and transfer to bird and candle cup with graphite transfer paper underneath. Use stylus or ballpoint pen to transfer patterns.

Step 6
Using #0 spotter brush, paint stroke work on bird and candle cup with Primary Red.

Step 7
Using silicon glue, adhere bottom front of bird to side of base behind candle cup.

Download Pattern


When base-coating, use as many coats as needed to cover completely.