Candy Wonderland Cupcakes

Bold, bright colours and a giant lollipop make this creation reminiscent of a carnival. The Pink Wave baking cups add a fun shape to the final decorated cupcake.


  • Favourite cake recipe or mix
  • Wilton® Baking Cups, Standard – Pink Wave
  • Wilton® Muffin Pan, Standard
  • Wilton® Rectangular Cooling Grid, 25.4cm x 40.6cm (10"x16")
  • Wilton® Buttercream Icing Mix
  • Wilton® Disposable Decorating Bags, 30.4 cm (12")
  • Wilton® Decorating Tip – 12
  • Spice Drops
  • Candy-covered Chocolates, Mini
  • Wilton® Colour Lollipop Picks – Primary
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Step 1
Bake and cool cupcakes according to recipe.

Step 2
Prepare icing according to package directions.

Step 3
Use tip 12 and icing to pipe an elongated bead. Start at the outside edge of cupcake, building slightly at the beginning.

Step 4
Cut spice drops in half. Attach cut spice drops and mini candy-coated chocolates alternately on top edge of cupcake.

Step 5
Insert lollipop picks.


Adult supervision is required at all times. Oven should only be used by an adult.