Love Notes T-Shirt

Make your heart sing with a musical tee that’s glistening with shimmery glitter and crystals. Start with a fabric paint musical note and add sparkling details and you’ve got a symphony of creativity.

Designed by Pattie Wilkinson.


  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint – Ebony
  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter™ – Black Fine Jewel
  • Tulip® Glam-It-Up!™ Iron-On Glass Crystals, 300 count Multi
  • T-Shirt, Cotton (Pre-Washed, Dry) – Pink
  • Freezer Paper
  • Pencil
  • Craft Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Iron
  • Paintbrush – 2.5 cm (1") Flat
  • Cosmetic Sponge
  • Pressing Cloth
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Step 1
On freezer paper, use pencil to draw two 5.1 cm (2") hearts. Add straight lines and a bar to create musical note. Refer to photo.

Step 2
Cut out musical note with craft knife on cutting mat, to create a stencil.

Step 3
Iron freezer paper stencil to front centre of shirt.

Step 4
Using cosmetic sponge, brush black paint inside stencil openings.

Step 5
Sprinkle black glitter into paint while wet. Let dry. Peel away stencil.

Step 6
Sprinkle crystals around hearts and across the bottom and top of note in a random pattern. Cover with pressing cloth. Iron five to ten seconds to heat set.

Download Pattern


Shake excess glitter onto a piece of paper so glitter can be easily returned to bottle and used for a future project.