Grill Master Apron

If your dad knows his way around a barbecue, then grant him master status! Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint and Scribbles® 3D Paint are the perfect recipe to help you create an apron that boasts his grilling abilities.


  • Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint – Primary 4-pack
  • Scribbles® 3D Fabric Paint – Shiny 6-pack
  • Apron (Pre-washed and Dried) – White
  • Iron
  • Chalk
  • Freezer Paper
  • Paintbrush, 2.5 cm (1") – Flat
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Plastic Table Cover, Disposable
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Step 1
Trace flames on freezer paper and cut out to create stencil. Iron stencil to apron.

Step 2
Cover work surface with plastic table cover. Place apron on covered surface.

Step 3
Spray red paint along the edges of the flames.

Step 4
Spray yellow paint on the inside of the flames. Use flat paintbrush to blend the red into the yellow paint.

Step 5
Spray blue paint along the bottom of the apron. Use flat paintbrush to blend the blue paint into the yellow paint. Let dry. Remove freezer paper stencil.

Step 6
Use chalk to draw “GRILL MASTER DAD” on the apron bib.

Step 7
Paint over the chalk lines with 3D paint. Let dry overnight.

Step 8
Brush away chalk lines.

Download Pattern


Be sure edges of freezer paper stencil are completely down to prevent paint from seeping under edges.