Recycled Water Bottle Bowling

Pool leftover paint into the bottom of these bottles and let them dry to create the weight you need for a bowling pin.


  • Recycled Water Bottles, Large (10)
  • Acrylic Paint - Assorted Colours of Choice
  • Duck Tape Roll - Colours of Choice
  • Recollections Sticker Numbers
  • Ball
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Step 1
Remove labels and lids from the water bottles.

Step 2
Pour acrylic paint into bottles and roll bottles around to coat the inside. Add several colours if desired. Drain excess paint.

Step 3
Let dry and replace caps.

Step 4
Wrap a strip of Duck Tape® around bottle as shown.

Step 5
Add sticker numbers 1 through 10 to bottles.

Step 6
Set up the game and use a ball to knock down “pins”.