Paper Printed T-shirts

Make these fun t-shirts using this easy paper printing technique. Plain white paper works well for this project, and when you are done, you can recycle your materials!


  • T-shirt - Light to Medium in Colour
  • Tulip Dimensional Paint - Glossy Black
  • Plain Paper - White
  • T-shirt Board
  • Design of Choice
  • Marker - Black
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Step 1
Insert T-shirt board into T-shirt.

Step 2
Print or draw your design onto paper. Remember, if you are using letters, words must be written in reverse as it will be a mirror image.

Step 3
Use Tulip® dimensional paint and outline the design on the white paper. (Not too large of a line.)

Step 4
Carefully lay wet design onto T-shirt, rub hand over design to print, and carefully pull paper up from shirt, leaving design.

Step 5
Set aside to dry.

Download Pattern