Shimmering Valentine Glass Art

Gallery Glass® makes it easy to create a Valentine's inspired glass jar or faux stained glass piece.

Crafted for Michaels by Julie Lewis courtesy of Plaid® Creative Team.


  • Gallery Glass® Window Color™ – Crystal Clear, Red Shimmer and Hologram Shimmer
  • Gallery Glass® Liquid Leading™ (2 oz.)
  • Gallery Glass® Leading Blanks
  • FolkArt® Acrylic Paint – Wicker White
  • Studio Decor™ Simply Essentials™ Photo
  • Frame, 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm (5"x7") – White
  • Recycled Glass Jar
  • Lace Trim – White
  • Flat Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Paper Towels
  • Wood Finial
  • Toothpicks
  • Ruled Paper
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Step 1
Size heart pattern to fit surfaces. Place pattern under leading blank and trace with Liquid Leading to create three heart-shaped outlines. Place ruled paper under leading blank and trace several lines. Let dry at least eight hours.

Step 2
Starting along inside edges of outline, fill hearts with Red Shimmer Window Color™. Use toothpick to level and smooth Window Color™ while you work. Let dry approximately 8-12 hours or until colour is translucent.

Step 3
Wash glass container and frame glass with mild soap and water. Dry and wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.

Step 4
Gently remove a heart from the leading blank and place on center of frame glass. Remove lead lines from leading blank, cut to size, then place on frame glass to form decorative lines as desired. Place a small dot of Liquid Leading™ on joints where cut lead lines meet to seal. Repeat technique to add hearts and decorative lead lines on glass jar.

Step 5
Applying directly from bottle tip onto glass surface, scribble Hologram Shimmer and Crystal Clear colours around heart designs to create background texture. Let dry 8-12 hours until texture is clear.

Step 6
Paint wood pieces and glass jar lid Wicker White. Let dry.

Step 7
Glue lace around glass jar lid, then glue wood finial to top of lid. Insert glass into frame and secure with glue.

Download Pattern


Follow these general instructions to create additional projects on alternate glass surfaces.