Sunny Bunny Surprise Mini Whoopie Pies

These sweet-looking mini whoopie pies are filled with surprises! The edges are rolled in Wilton® Sprinkles and then topped with a cute Wilton® Bunny with Jellybean Royal Icing Decoration.

Craft Time: varies

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Favourite Cake Recipe (or Mix) – Chocolate or White
  • Wilton® Non-Stick Pie Pan – 24-Cavity Mini Whoopie
  • Wilton® Cooling Grid, 25.4cm x 40.6cm (10"x16")
  • Favourite Whoopie Pie Filling Recipe
  • Scissors
  • Wilton® Disposable Decorating Bags, 30.4 cm (12")
  • Wilton® Decorating Tip – 10
  • Wilton® Nonpareils – Spring
  • Wilton® Micro Mix – Spring
  • Wilton® Bunny with Jellybean Royal Icing Decorations
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Step 1
Make mini Whoopie pies: Prepare either chocolate or white batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool mini Whoopie pies according to pan package directions. Prepare pie filling following recipe directions. Use tip 10 to pipe filling on one side of each mini Whoopie pie; sandwich two filled sides together.

Step 2
Decorate mini Whoopie pies: Roll outside edge of Whoopie pie in desired sprinkles. Use tip 10 and filling to attach bunny icing decorations on top of pies.


Dress up Whoopie pies for any season or celebration using Wilton® Sprinkles and Royal Icing decorations.