Floral Pear Wreath

Create this beautiful floral pear wreath to bring a fresh spring feel into your home.


  • FloraCraft® Foam Extruded Wreath, 35.6 cm (14")
  • Stems – Hydrangea (3)
  • Branches – Flowering (2)
  • Bushes, Small – Blossom Flower
  • Artificial Fruit, Mini – Pears
  • Bush, Large – Grapevine Ivy
  • Floral Pins
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters
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Step 1
Use the wire cutters to cut off the bottom thick portion of both branch stems. Cut them off just under the first flowering branch. Cut apart the branches as needed. Floral pin the branches around the outside edge of the front of the wreath, evenly spaced. Add a small amount of glue to secure the pins in place.

Step 2
Cut the stems from the hydrangea blossoms. Push the hydrangeas into the wreath side by side as shown. Glue the hydrangea leaves around the blossoms to fill in. Adding a small amount of glue to the stem before inserting will give a more secure hold.

Step 3
Cut apart the grapevine ivy and insert into the wreath to fill in around the flowering branches and hydrangea.

Step 4
Cut apart the flower bush and insert around the entire wreath for pops of colour.

Step 5
Insert pears into the wreath as desired.