Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ Enjoy Card

Spread a sweet message with this beautiful blue "Enjoy" card by Heidi Swapp.


  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ 30.4 x 30.4 cm (12 x 12) Paper Pack (Chevron Sheet)
  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Magic™ Scallop Ribbon
  • Heidi Swapp™ Epoxy Stickers: Delightful
  • Heidi Swapp™ Memory File Tab Stickers
  • Heidi Swapp™ Color Shine – Tinsel, Tropicana Teal and Mint Green
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Step 1
Cut Chevron Color Magic™ paper to 16.5 x 22.9 cm (6½"x9").

Step 2
Cut large scalloped ribbon into 7.6 cm - 11.4 cm (3" - 4½") strips.

Step 3
Spray the paper by adding Tinsel Color Shine to top 1/3 of the paper, Tropicana Teal to the middle 1/3 and Mint Green to the bottom 1/3. Allow the colours to overlap and mix.

Step 4
Allow the Color Shine to sit on the Color Magic™ paper for at least 10-15 seconds.

Step 5
Place a paper towel over the entire card, and blot up all excess.

Step 6
Using the same paper towel, blend all the Color Shine into the paper and clean off the resist areas.

Step 7
Spray the muslin: 1. Tinsel 2. Tropicana Teal and 3. Mint Green. Allow to dry.

Step 8
Fold Color Magic™ paper exactly in half, with a vertical crease on the left.

Step 9
Adhere the Mint Green scallop 2.5 cm (1") up from the bottom; layer the Tropicana Teal, overlapping by ½ and staggering the scallops; adhere the Tinsel layer on top, overlapping slightly, and staggering scallops.

Step 10
Adhere Mint Green dots file tab label, using a foam dot for dimension, overlapping the top scalloped ribbon slightly.

Step 11
Add the word "enjoy" and striped butterfly from the Vintage Chic Buzz Words.


Place a paper towel underneath when you mist your paper for easy cleanup.