Moroccan Holiday Bracelet

This beautiful Moroccan Holiday Bracelet is a great accent piece! The variety of colours make the bracelet very versatile and festive. Get this look in just 4 steps!


  • Plastic Saucer, 14x7mm – Ivory with Gold
  • Faceted Plastic Oval, 14x18mm – Clear with Gold Shimmer
  • Beaded Large-hole Rondelle, 12x10mm – Yellow
  • Round, 20mm – Yellow with Silver
  • Glass Luster Cubes, 5mm – Amber (2)
  • Craft Wire, 20 ga. – Silver-plated, 17.8 cm (7")
  • Jump Rings, 7mm – Silver-plated (3)
  • Jump Ring, 4mm – Silver-plated
  • Toggle Clasp, 12mm – Silver-plated
  • Flat Leather Cord, 5mm – Orange, 11.1 cm (4-3/8")
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose pliers
  • Chain (or Flat) Nose Pliers (2 Pairs)
  • Hole Punch, Leather
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Step 1
Use the hole punch to punch a hole in one end of the leather cord, approximately 3.1 mm (1/8") from the end. Repeat for other end of cord.

Step 2

Use the craft wire to form a wrapped loop. String one cube, one beaded rondelle, one yellow with silver round, one clear with gold shimmer oval, one saucer, and one cube. Form a wrapped loop. Gently bend the wire into a slight C-shaped curve.

Step 3

Use one 7mm jump ring to attach one end of the cord to one end of the beaded strand. Use one 7mm jump ring to attach the other end of the beaded strand to the ring half of the clasp.

Step 4

Use one 7mm jump ring to attach the other end of the cord to one 4mm jump ring. Attach the previous 4mm jump ring to the bar half of the clasp.


When in doubt about the size of the hole to punch, always try the smallest hole first. You can always make it larger if necessary.