Mother's Day Floral Doily Frames

Adding Mom's favourite pictures to these hand decorated frames will make them a gift to be treasured.

Courtesy of Plaid.


  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint – Bubblegum and Raspberry Ice
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint – Light Gold
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Adhesive Silkscreens – Floral Doily
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Tools – Craft Squeegee, Natural Bristle Brush Set, Stencil Tape
  • Unfinished Photo Frames – 21.5 x 16.5 cm (8½"x6½"), 23.4 x 28.5 cm (9¼"x11¼"), 29.8 x 29.8 cm (11¾"x11¾")
  • Scissors
  • Brush Basin
  • Paper Towels
  • Foam Plates
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Step 1
Base coat square frame Bubblegum, medium rectangular frame Raspberry Ice and smallest frame Light Gold. Let dry.

Step 2

Use scissors to cut apart silkscreen. Lay large doily design onto square frame as shown. Tape to secure. Squeeze a line of Light Gold paint along one edge of screen and lightly drag across design with squeegee. Carefully remove screen and wash with mild soap and water. Let dry, tacky side up.

Step 3

Repeat process to apply two more doily designs to frame.

Step 4
Screen floral doily design with leaves onto medium rectangular frame in Light Gold.

Step 5
Screen large and small single floral doily designs onto smallest frame in Bubblegum and Raspberry Ice.


Personalize frames with any Martha Stewart Crafts™ alphabet stencils or silkscreens.