Upcycle Yarn-Wrapped Antler

Use bright colours in both yarn and paint to make a unique piece of art.


  • Antler or Branch
  • Craft Smart™ Yarn - Bright Variegated
  • Wire, Thin - Gold-Tone
  • ArtMinds™ Wooden Plaque
  • Craft Smart® Paint - Black, Pink and Gold
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Paint plaque black, let dry.

Step 2
Trim plaque with desired paints.

Step 3
Use end of paintbrush to add dots around plaque as trim.

Step 4
When wrapping your piece with yarn, start in a place where you can glue your yarn and start wrapping.

Step 5
Continue to wrap your piece with yarn, then secure end with glue.

Step 6
Use the gold wire as an accent to your piece if it fits.

Step 7
Use the plaque as the base for your project.


We used an antler for our project, but remember that you can wrap anything with yarn -- twigs etc.