Painted Pillow

Can't find the perfect pillow to match your new decor? Paint your own with fabric paint! Use your creativity to design your own pattern and let kids personalize their pillows for a fun summer activity!


  • Tulip® Fabric Paints – White, Blue, Green or Colours of Choice
  • Springs Canvas Fabric
  • Pillow Form – Size of Choice
  • Sewing Machine (or Fusible Fabric Tape)
  • Scissors
  • Brayer
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Step 1
Cut two pieces of fabric to the desired size of your pillow.

Step 2
Lay one piece out flat, fold in half and then open up again.

Step 3
On one side of the fold, draw squiggles, circles or design of choice with paint.

Step 4
Bring opposite side of fabric on top of wet painted side and smash by rolling over it with the brayer.

Step 5
Carefully open up, keeping flat to dry.

Step 6
Repeat this process for second piece of fabric.

Step 7
Sew three sides of fabric together face to face, turn right side out, place pillow insert into pillow and sew closed, folding in edges as you go.