Fishing Photo Frame

Text-ur® Foam makes it fun to add shapes and designs to all your foam creations. Just cut out the shapes from the downloadable instructions and glue together. Add your photo and you have a cute frame for your favourite summer moment.


  • Text-ur® Foam Variety Pack - Primary
  • Creatology™ Foam Stickers - Arial Alpha and Sea Splash
  • Creatology™ Foam Glue
  • Scissors
  • Photo
  • Computer
  • Printer
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Step 1
Print out templates.

Step 2
Cut out base frame template on orange terry foam sheet.

Step 3
Cut out frame corners and top layer template on yellow-striped foam sheet.

Step 4
Cut out middle layer template on blue wave foam sheet.

Step 5
Add glue to “glue area” on yellow frame corners.

Step 6
Glue orange terry foam frame to yellow frame corners.

Step 7
Place eight 3D Space-Ur™ pieces, included in foam variety pack, around the inner edge of orange frame.

Step 8
Position blue wave foam sheet on spacers and press together.

Step 9
Place four 3D Space-Ur™ pieces at corners of yellow-striped top layer of foam.

Step 10
Position yellow-striped foam sheet over blue foam sheet and press together.

Step 11
Glue picture onto yellow-striped foam sheet.

Step 12
Decorate with foam stickers and letters to personalize your photo frame.

Download Pattern