Pink Camo Pet Scarf

Furry friends need style too. Dress up your pet with this pink camo scarf.


  • 100% Cotton Bandana – Pink, Lt. Pink, White and Black Camo Print
  • Tulip® Slick® Fabric Paint – Black
  • Scissors (or Sewing Shears)
  • Ruler (or Measuring Tape)
  • Fabric Glue (or Needle and Pink Thread)
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Step 1
Cut bandana in half diagonally to create two triangular pieces, and set one half aside for later decoration. Fold diagonal raw edge in approximately 1.3 cm (½") to create finished edge, and crease. Fold new edge over about 6.4 cm (2½") to create channel for dog collar. To make a smaller scarf for a smaller pet, as pictured, make one more fold, then press a crease to create new edge. Trim edges, if necessary.

Step 2
Use black fabric paint to outline all black areas of the scarf, and to create spiral patterns within the black areas only. Let dry completely.

Step 3
Glue (and let dry) or stitch down along the edge to hold the folded edge in place. Slide dog collar into the scarf's channel and apply to pet!


Before applying fabric paint, turn the bottle upside down and gently tap to remove any bubbles of air that might be near the applicator tip. Squeeze gently onto a piece of scrap paper, first, to be sure the flow is even.

Adult supervision is required at all times. Iron should only be used by an adult.