Standing Out in a Crowd Backpack

Start the school year with an A+ in creativity -- go back to school with the coolest backpack on campus when you add your own artistic flair! Start with a plain white canvas backpack and go for it with swirls of colour. Then, just for fun, add black splatter as finishing touches.


Craft Time: 60+ minutes

Uses Recycled Items: No

Keywords: august2013, C_34850, backpack, school, back to school, paint, fabric, fabric paint


  • Tulip® Soft® Paint – Crimson Red Matte, Golden Tan Matte, Royal Blue Matte and Ebony Matte
  • Backpack – White
  • Foam Plate (or Foil)
  • Container for Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Paintbrushes – 2.5 cm (1") Flat Bristle and 0.63 cm (¼") Flat Bristle
  • Old Newspapers
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Step 1
Stuff backpack with old newspapers to fill out and create a workable painting surface with solid backing.

Step 2

Pour generous puddles of the Crimson Red, Royal Blue and Golden Tan paints onto palette.

Step 3

Using the 2.5 cm (1") brush, paint free strokes and shapes of the different colours all around the backpack. Let dry.

Step 4

Pour a puddle of Ebony onto palette and use the 0.63 cm (¼") brush to paint some free form lines going through some of the colours.

Step 5

Dilute the Ebony with water and dip the 2.5 cm (1") flat brush into paint. Use finger to flick through the bristles to spatter over backpack. Another technique is to dip fingertips into the diluted Ebony paint and flick over backpack for larger splotches. Let backpack dry.


Stuffing the backpack with old newspapers helps provide a stable surface for painting.