Give a Friend a Hand Tote Bag

Make a memorable going-away gift, teacher’s gift or just an unforgettable keepsake for someone special. Each person chooses a favourite colour of Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint, adds their handprint and name. This gift of friendship will never be forgotten.



  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint – Royal Blue, Lime, Petal Pink, Mandarin Orange, Chocolate, Periwinkle and Olive
  • Tote Bag, Cotton – White
  • Foil (or Foam Plate) Paint Palette
  • Baby Wipes
  • Paintbrush – Fine Tip and 2.5 cm (1")
  • Chalk Pencil*
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon – Coordinating Colour of Choice
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Step 1
Squeeze out desired colours of paint onto paint palette.

Step 2

Use 2.5 cm (1") paintbrush to paint palm of first person’s hand. Make sure hand is thoroughly coated, but do not over-saturate.

Step 3
Spread fingers and press hand onto tote where desired. Press firmly down and lift hand straight up to remove. Immediately wipe off hands with baby wipes. Let the handprint dry.

Step 4

Repeat steps of adding handprints from different friends, leaving room for names underneath handprints. Let dry.

Step 5

Using complementary colours of choice, use fine tip paintbrush to add names below each appropriate handprint and year at top of tote. Let dry. *If desired, use chalk pencil to sketch names first to use as a guide for painting.

Step 6

Add alternating colour stripes to tote handles. Let dry.

Step 7

Cut pieces of complementary ribbon and tie at base of handles.


Have baby wipes on hand for cleaning off hands quickly. Be sure to have participants spread apart fingers for a better handprint.