Finger Crochet Necklace

Finger crochet a chunky, yet lightweight necklace in less than an hour using Lion Brand® Imagine® yarn. Necklace looks great in shades of purple or any other colour you desire.

Skill Level: Beginner


  • Lion Brand® Imagine® (Art. #515) Yarn – Purple Haze (1 Ball) or Colour of Choice
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SIZE: About 44" (112cm) long.


Carefully unwind the ball of yarn. Fold the entire length of yarn in half.

About 15" (38cm) from one end, make a loose slip knot with the doubled length of yarn – creating a big loop of yarn.

Hold the slip knot in one hand. Reach the thumb and index finger of your other hand through the loop above the slip knot, grab the doubled yarn and pull it through to make a new loop – this is finger crocheting. Note: You needn’t use exactly the fingers we specify – use whichever of your fingers you like!

Continue to make new loops in this way until the crocheted section of the yarn measures about 15" (38cm).

Knot the yarn at the end of the crocheted section. Trim yarn about 15" (38cm) past last knot.


Knot yarn ends together, then trim close to knot.

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