Burlap Dotted Wreath

Personalize for fall with a monogram wreath! Looks great with your fall decor or on your front door.


  • Burlap (1 Roll)
  • Craft Smart® Paint – Orange, White, Brown
  • Round Sponge Pouncers
  • Jute
  • Eye Needle, Large
  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Wood Letter
  • Screw Eyes (2)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Unroll burlap on a protected surface.

Step 2
Dip a round sponge pouncer into paint and onto the burlap.

Step 3
Repeat until you cover the entire length of the burlap roll. Let dry.

Step 4
Take the needle and thread it with the jute. Make a running stitch the whole length of the burlap roll.

Step 5
Pull the jute to start gathering the burlap into a ruffle.

Step 6
Stitch and tie the ruffled burlap onto the wire wreath frame until fully covered.

Step 7
Paint wood letter as desired.

Step 8
Add screw eyes to the top of the letter.

Step 9
Thread jute through the screw eyes and tie to the wreath so the letter dangles in the centre of the wreath.


Be sure to put paper under the burlap before stamping with paint.