Bungee and Leaf Pendant Necklace

This necklace showcases the trend for utilitarian materials, but with a delicate, feminine twist. It takes just a few minutes to add a filigree-style silver pendant from Bead Gallery® to Bead Landing™ bungee cord. Pick your favourite colour -- we have lots to choose from!


  • Bead Landing™ Bungee Cord, 4mm -- Your Choice of Colour
  • Bead Gallery® Pendant – Silver Leaf
  • Bead Landing™ Bungee Closure (2 Sets)
  • iLoveToCreate® Liquid Fusion® Glue
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Cut two pieces of bungee cord into equal lengths. These pieces will be joined together to make up the total necklace length. Use a different colour of bungee cord for each piece, or the same for both, as you prefer.

Step 2
Use Liquid Fusion® glue to adhere closures to ends of one piece of bungee cord.

Step 3
Glue closures to other bungee cord ends.

Step 4
Attach leaf pendant to one end of cord.

Step 5
Wear the necklace as a lanyard.


When cutting the two equally-sized pieces of bungee cord, keep in mind that they'll join together to create the total necklace length. Cut longer pieces for a lanyard-style necklace that drapes to the breastbone or below. Cut shorter pieces if you want the pendant to rest higher on your chest.