Bead Filled Round Glass Ornament

Create your own personalized ornaments by using a clear glass ornament and filling it with beautiful jewels, special words or something sentimental. Choose beads and jewellery to match your Christmas décor, or use vintage pieces and give as a gift.


  • Round Glass Oranment, Large
  • Beads - Silver
  • Pearls - Black & Charcoal
  • Ribbon, Narrow - Silver
  • Ribbon - Silver
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Scissors
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Step 1
Remove cap from top of ornament. Set aside.

Step 2
Fill ornament with beads and pearls.

Step 3
Return cap.

Step 4
Thread narrow ribbon through top of ornament cap and tie to form hanger.

Step 5
Make a second bow with ribbon and glue to ornament at cap. Trim ends at an angle.