Pencil Picture Frame

Make a fun Pencil Picture Frame for each of your students this year! Add their name and picture and hang all of the frames up on the bulletin boards for tons of classroom fun!


  • ArtSkills® Pre-cut Poster Board Shapes, Small – Neon
  • ArtSkills® Vinyl Letters – Black
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
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Step 1
Cut off the left- and right-hand sides of the yellow jagged poster shape. This will be your pencil body.

Step 2
Lay the green arrow shape on top of the orange balloon shape. Trace the pointed end of the arrow onto the balloon shape and cut it out. This will be your pencil point.

Step 3
Now lay this orange shape on top of the pink burst shape and trace the curved end. Cut the curved shape. This will become your pencil eraser.

Step 4
Glue these pieces to your pencil body and trim the excess poster board.

Step 5
Cut a strip of green to fit below the eraser end. Attach it and trim any excess.

Step 6
Use the black vinyl letters to spell out the child’s name, year, grade, etc.

Step 7
Cut a rectangular piece of the blue scallop poster board to fit in the open space on the pencil body.

Step 8
Glue your picture to the centre of the blue scalloped rectangle and attach to the pencil.