Shortcut Chic White Candy Melts® Cake Balls

Wilton® Candy Melts® make it easy to create fancy-looking cake balls without a lot of effort. They only take about 45 minutes to decorate. To impress your holiday guests, serve the cake balls in sugared martini glasses.



Craft Time: 30-60 minutes

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Babycakes™ Cake Pop Maker
  • Cake Mix (or Favourite Recipe)
  • Wilton® Candy Melts® – White
  • Cheese Grater
  • Cupcake Cups – White (Optional)
  • Sugared Martini Glass (Optional)
  • Wax Paper
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Step 1
Read instructions thoroughly for how to use the Babycakes™ Cake Pop Maker.

Step 2
Prepare cake mix (or favourite recipe) as directed.

Step 3
Follow instructions included in Babycakes™ Cake Pop Maker to make cake balls. Let cool.

Step 4
Grate some of the white Candy Melts® and set aside.

Step 5
Follow instructions on Candy Melts® package and completely coat cake balls.

Step 6
Set on wax paper, then sprinkle Candy Melts® shavings, from Step 4, and let cool.

Step 7
Optional: Set White Candy Melts® Cake Balls in cupcake cups and serve in Sugared Martini Glasses.