Green Witch Halloween Costume

Make a simple witch costume with glitter paint and a t-shirt. Add a headband, fingerless gloves and face paint to complete this Halloween costume.


  • T-Shirt – Black
  • Fabric Paint – Glitter Green
  • Paintbrush
  • Fingerless Gloves – Black Lace
  • Headband – Black Hat
  • Tights – Purple/Black Striped
  • Face Paint
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Step 1
Apply green glitter paint on the front of black T-shirt, as shown. Let dry.

Step 2
Add green glitter paint dots all over both sleeves. Let dry.

Step 3
Add witch hat headband.

Step 4
Paint face as shown, or as desired.

Step 5
Accessorize witch costume with fingerless gloves and striped tights.