Fall Wreath with Handmade Felt Flowers

Decorate a twig wreath with pretty handmade felt flowers. With autumn just around the corner, you may want to change up your décor...why not make a front door wreath in the colours of the season? These felt flowers are so easy to make that even kids can help make them!

Created by Micheline Petit.



  • Twig wreath
  • Felt sheets, in autumn colours of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Burlap ribbon or other assorted ribbon of your choice
  • Fall floral stems or berries or decorative foliage of your choice (optional)
  • Pliers (for cutting the stems, if necessary)
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Step 1
Cut out squares of felt that vary between 5.1 and 12.7 cm (2" and 5") in width, then round the edges to make circles. Make each circle into a spiral by starting from one end and cutting toward the centre. Leave a small tail at the centre that is approximately 1.3 cm (½") in diameter. The spiral does not have to be cut perfectly! In fact, small imperfections will make the petals look more “natural”.

Starting from the outside band, roll the spiral between your fingers until you reach the centre. Stop once you get to the tail.

Add a dab of hot glue on the tail and fold it under the flower. Place the flower on a protected surface and press down so that the glue spreads toward the centre.

Step 2
Using the hot glue gun, glue the flowers to the twigs of the wreath, as desired. You can fill the entire wreath or just a section, which is just as pretty and does not take as long!

With the pliers, cut the autumn berries or floral stems. Place hot glue on the ends of the stems before inserting them between the branches.

Step 3

Make a bow from a piece of burlap ribbon (or other wide ribbon of your choice) and use a chenille stem to secure the knot at the centre. Attach the chenille stem to the wreath by rolling it around a branch. Decorate the centre of the bow with felt flowers.


This easy project can be adapted to any season—simply change the colour of the felt flowers. For example, imagine a Valentine's Day wreath with red and white roses and delicate apple green foliage!