Fuzzy Felt Spiders

Here is a sweet easy-to-make and easy-on-the-budget family craft. Younger children can participate in the majority of the steps; however make sure that an adult handles the low-heat glue gun. 

Created by Micheline Petit.


  • Felt - 2 thin strips (black and another colour of your choice)
  • Chenille stems - (2) Black
  • Pony beads - plastic (16) (colour assorted to felt)
  • Pompom - small, black
  • Creatology™ Wiggle Eyes (2)
  • Scissors
  • Low-heat glue gun
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Step 1
Trim two strips of felt with scissors (one black and another one the colour of your choice) about 1.3 cm (½") wide by 23 cm (9") long.

Remove about 0.63 cm (¼") at the ends of the coloured strip so that it is shorter than the black strip.

Step 2
Layer the coloured strip on the black strip and start rolling both strips tightly together between your fingers to form the spiral that will become the body of the spider.

Step 3
Add a dot of hot glue on the black felt that exceeds the coloured one and roll the strips a little bit more being careful not to burn yourself. Place the spiral on a protected surface and press it so that the glue adheres well.

Step 4
For the spider head, adhere a small pompom with a dot of hot glue on the edge of the body you just created. You can glue it so it hides the junction previously made.  

Step 5

Add two small wiggle eyes to the head. The easiest way to use the self-adhesive eyes is to simply remove the backing and place in the desired location!

Step 6
To make the legs, cut 2 chenille stems into two to get 4 chenille stems of 15.2 cm (6") each (use old scissors or wire cutters). Twist the 4 chenille stems together at the centre so that they form a star.

Step 7

With your fingers, bend the 8 pieces of chenille stems downward to mimic spider legs and insert 2 pony beads into the end of each chenille stem as shown.

Step 8
Add hot glue on the centre of the legs and glue the back of the spiral (body) by pressing it down on the glue.


You could make a web out of chenille stems and yarn to display your family of spiders or you may just want to lay them around the house; they are easy to hang by curving their chenille stem legs around any object!