Sports Fan Foam Visor

Personalize the visor by spelling out your name or favourite sports team.

Messy Rating:

Craft Time: Under 30 mins

Suitable for: 3-5

Uses Recycled Items: No

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  • Foam Visor
  • Foam Stickers - Sports
  • Foam Stickers - Alphabet
  • Craft Smart® All Purpose Glue
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Step 1
Peel paper backings from sports ball stickers and alphabet stickers.

Step 2
Add a small amount of glue to the back of each sticker.

Step 3
Adhere to visor as desired. 

Step 4
Let dry.


Foam stickers can be layered to create a 3D look.  Use the soccer ball or other sports equipment shapes in place of letters of the alphabet.

Adult supervision is required at all times.