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Tame the Clutter Under Your Sink

Organize the space under your kitchen or bathroom sinks with metal bins that are perfect for damp areas.

Re-Purpose: Easy Tee Shirt Transfer

Here's a fun idea for Earth Day block party - a tee shirt printing station. Get everyone involved crafting their own tee with

Re-Purpose: Block Party Tables

Kyra shows you how to re-purpose & re-use everyday items to create Eco-Chic tablescapes for your Earth Day block party.

How to: Stamp in Multiple Colors

Learn how to use more than one color on your stamp with this expert technique.

How to: Stamp Perfectly

Are your stamps coming out unevenly? Practice this stamping technique to get the perfect stamp every time.

Framed Preserved Nature Wall Art

The changing colors of the season always seem to pass too quickly. But it's easy to preserve the beauty of your favorite natu

Why I Create: Lizzy Wetzel

Let Lizzy inspire your creative journey by explaining why she loves to bring beauty and color into the world.

Why I Create: Jill Allison Bryan

Watch as Jill Allison Bryan of Creative Oasis explains why she feels creativity and self expression are the keys to happiness

Checkers Floor Mat - Family Fun Project

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up indoors with your family. Create this floor mat checkerboard for endless amounts of fun!

Graduation Party

Set the scene for the perfect 2013 graduation party. Let Michaels be your headquarters for all your graduation needs.

Graduation Shoes

Show off your individuality and walk across the stage wearing shoes you created to fit your unique style.

Upcycled Lamp Shade with Stamps

Breathe new life into that old lampshade with some clever stamping techniques. This project is sure to add a cozy look and wa
Results 49 - 60 of 197