Pretty in Pink Apron
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Pretty in Pink Apron

This floral apron is great for use in the kitchen or the craft room & easy to make!
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Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Walnut Hollow® Creative Versa-Tool™ Kit
  • Apron
  • Iron-On Applique
  • Cotton Cloth

Project Instructions

Step 1 After reading all manufacturer's instructions found inside the Creative Versa-Tool™ Kit, use pliers to attach transfer point on the tool. Secure the tool stand to the work surface with tape. Place the tool on the stand. Plug into electric outlet, turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Orange Zone and heat for four to five minutes.

Step 2 Following manufacturer's instructions for the iron-on appliqués, place the appliqués on the front of the apron. Cover each appliqué with a cotton cloth and press the transfer point onto the appliqué for a few seconds to tack it into position.

Step 3 Turn the apron to the back side, cover each appliqué area with a cotton cloth and press the transfer point over the cloth, moving in a circular motion, to heat the appliqué adhesive until the appliqué is adhered to the apron. After all appliqués are adhered, turn the Versa-Temp control dial to “O” (off). Cool completely.


Follow manufacturer's instructions included with the Creative Versa-Tool™.


Crafted for Michaels by Chris Wallace at Walnut Hollow