Cedar Lodge Red and White Stripe Knit Ornament
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Cedar Lodge Red and White Stripe Knit Ornament

Use your left over yarn to create this delightful knit ornament.

Designed by Beverly Burch & Kathryn Burkhart.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Styrofoam® Balls, 4"
  • Scrap Yarn (4-ply Knitting Worsted)
  • Ultimate Knitting Machine (Bond) OR #8 Knitting Needles
  • Yarn Needle
  • Crochet Hook, Size F or G (Optional)

Project Instructions

Knitting Machine Instructions (ruffles at end):

Step 1 Use #3 key plate.

Step 2 Cast on 50 stitches. Knit 40 rows (allows extra for ruffles at ends). Cast off.


Hand-knitting Instructions (snug ball / no ruffles):

Using #8 knitting needles, cast on 51 stitches.

Row 1: K across.

Row 2: P across.

Rows 3+: Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until piece measures approximately 6½" long, ending with a P row.

Bind / knit off.



Step 1 Knit in solid color or create stripes using different colors. If you’ve done any kind of pattern, weave ends back in.

Step 2 With right sides together, whip- or slip-stitch ends together and finish off threads. Turn right side out.

Step 3 Thread yarn needle with at least 18" of matching yarn color.

Step 4 Ruffle ball, insert foam ball into knitted sleeve. Count back about 6 rows from each end. Weave yarn through stitches. Pull extremely tight. Tie off with knots and finish with small bow.

Step 5 Cut 6" or more of yarn. Pull under seam at center of ball. Tie knot about 2" out to hang ornament.

Step 6 Snug ball, insert foam ball in knitted sleeve. Weave yarn through stitches just below cast on or cast off row. Pull extremely tight. Tie off with knots. On “top” end, pull yarn through under cast on or off row. Pull tight and knot. Tie another knot about 2" out to hang ornament. On “bottom” end snip yarn close to knots.