Jingle & Jolly Ribbon & Ornament Chandelier
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Jingle & Jolly Ribbon & Ornament Chandelier

Create this fantastic chandelier using your favorite ribbon. Complement the ribbon with various colored Styrofoam® balls. Sure to be a conversation piece.

Designed by Ashley Swihart.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Chenille Stems – White
  • Glue
  • Glitter – Assorted Colors of Choice
  • Gesso
  • Styrofoam® Balls
  • Low Heat Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Styrofoam® Ring
  • Glitter Ribbon
  • Mesh Glitter Ribbon, Large
  • Opaque Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Clear Acrylic Beads
  • Teardrop Beads
  • Nylon Beading String
  • Needle

Project Instructions


Glitter Chenille Stems

Step 1 Cover a flat table surface with glitter.

Step 2 Roll white chenille stems in glue.

Step 3 With fingers slide off excess glue.

Step 4 Roll the glue covered chenille stem in the glitter. Set aside to dry

Step 5 Repeat Steps 1-4 in desired colors of glitter.

Step 6 Separate each to dry, making sure to avoid gluing chenille stems together.


Wrapping Styrofoam® Ring with Ribbon

Step 1 Tack the end of the ribbon on the inside of the ring with hot glue.

Step 2 Tightly wrap ribbon around ring until ring is covered entirely.

Step 3 Hot glue end of ribbon.


Glitter Styrofoam® Balls

Step 1 Cover a flat table surface with glitter.

Step 2 Spread gesso onto Styrofoam® balls, leaving enough excess to create a wet, tacky surface.

Step 3 Roll into glitter, or sift on glitter. Set aside to dry. Note: Use varying sizes of Styrofoam® balls to create visual interest.


Beaded Strands

Step 1 Cut 3-4 strands of nylon beading string to approximately three to four feet.

Step 2 Thread a needle with one of the nylon beading strings.

Step 3 Pull one bead onto string and secure bead at the end of the string; leave approximately 5"-6" at the end of the strand after tying knot for the teardrop bead to later be tied onto.

Step 4 String the acrylic beads until the strand is filled up.

Step 5 Tie last bead on end with knots; same as first bead.

*Note; make sure your nylon string is stretched out before tying off last bead; if beads aren’t tight onto strand, the string will show on the chandelier and be slouchy.

Step 6 Going back to the end that has 5"-6" of thread, take the teardrop bead and tie to that end; knot several times.

Step 7 Repeat Steps 1-6 for the other 3-4 strands.


Wire Loops Fixed into Styrofoam® Ring

Step 1 Clip six pieces of wire; approximately 2½" in length.

Step 2 Create a hook curve at one end.

Step 3 Mark three equidistant points on top of the Styrofoam® ring.

Step 4 Bore hook into Styrofoam® ring through wrapped ribbon surface.

Step 5 Push down other end of wire into Styrofoam® ring to create a loop that is secure into Styrofoam®.

Step 6 Repeat for rest of holes and bottom of Styrofoam® ring.



Step 1 Hot glue glitter Styrofoam® balls onto outer edge of Styrofoam® ring. Note: Use the varying sizes to create a band that is thick enough to hide the ribbon wrapped Styrofoam® ring from the outside.

Step 2 Using the mesh ribbon, tack the end with hot glue onto the top of the Styrofoam® ring.

Step 3 Bunch up the mesh ribbon, in no particular pattern, and tack down bunches so no glue shows on the outside of the chandelier.

Step 4 Cover entire top of Styrofoam® ring, down to meet the Styrofoam(R) balls with the mesh ribbon.

Step 5 Using the glitter ribbon, curl pieces and tack through with hot glue (no particular order or pattern. Place curled glitter ribbon where mesh ribbon looks flat or needs visual interest added.).

Step 6 Allow several ends to curl down over the Styrofoam® balls.

Step 7 Curl in any fashion the glittered chenille stems.

Step 8 Glue ends into ribbon, make sure they are secure, deep enough into ribbon so glue doesn’t show on the outside.

Step 9 Take your chain and secure to top three loops on Styrofoam® ring, created earlier with wire.

Step 10 Run three pieces of chain to a center point.

Step 11 Secure at center point and add one more strand of chain as the main line to hang from.

Step 12 Hang chandelier to finish adding lower bead portion (next steps).

Step 13 Clip more wire pieces, approximately 2" each, to use as a twist tie for bead strands to lower wire loops in Styrofoam® ring.

Step 14 Placing wire twist tie through loop, bend wire and start to twist, with strand of beads running through. Note: How beads dangle is up to you. Mine are draped, with teardrop ends dangling.

Step 15 Allow teardrop end to drape by itself, hanging down approximately 8".

Step 16 Attach bead strands with wire twist ties around entire Styrofoam® ring, allowing strands to drape or dangle as desired.


Complete pre-work before assembly; assembly will go much faster with components already put together and dried.