{ "url": "http://www.michaels.com/lemax-collection-moss-display-mat/10182192.html", "title": "Lemax® Collection Moss Display Mat", "standard_price": 5.19, "currency_code": "USD", "provider_name": "Michaels", "description": "
Roll out this mat as a base for your display to achieve a life-like look. The durable mat closely resembles dried moss and provides a stable platform for buildings, accessories and figures. <\/div>
Approx. size (H x W x D):<\/strong> 0.12\" x 39.17\" x 17.99\" (0.3cm x 99.5cm x 45.7cm)<\/div>
Year Released:<\/strong> 2002<\/div>
Product type:<\/strong> Accessory<\/div><\/div>", "brand": "Lemax", "product_id": "10182192", "standard_price": 12.99, "color": "Brown", "images": ["http://img.michaels.com/L6/3/IOGLO/829096294/208178724/10182192.jpg?fit=inside|540:540"] , "rating": 3.30, "rating_scale": 5, "rating_count": 7 }