{ "url": "http://www.michaels.com/smoothfoam-styrofoam-half-ball-12in/10324966.html", "title": "Smoothfoam™ Styrofoam® Half Ball, 12\"", "standard_price": 13.99, "currency_code": "USD", "provider_name": "Michaels", "description": "
This half round ball is made out of high density foam that has a fairly smooth, durable surface. You can pin, paint, glue, sand and cut it. This foam half ball is ideal for school, home décor and craft projects.<\/div><\/div>
Details: <\/div>
  • White<\/li>
  • 12\" diameter<\/li>
  • Half ball is hollow
    <\/li><\/ul><\/div><\/div>", "brand": "Smoothfoam", "product_id": "10324966", "color": "White", "images": ["http://img.michaels.com/L6/3/IOGLO/830468371/185327897/10324966.JPG?fit=inside|540:540"] , "rating": 0.00, "rating_scale": 0, "rating_count": 0 }