{ "url": "http://www.michaels.com/natural-seashell-assortment/10369659.html", "title": "Natural Seashell Assortment", "standard_price": 5.49, "currency_code": "USD", "provider_name": "Michaels", "description": "
Create, express and live your style when you use these naturally beautiful, assorted seashells for your home decorating needs. Create the perfect ambiance for wedding ceremonies, make stunning floral arrangements, use them as vase fillers, or create soothing water features to decorate and surround yourself in style.<\/span><\/div><\/div><\/div><\/div>", "brand": "U.S. Shell Inc.", "product_id": "10369659", "availability": "instock", "quantity": 110.00, "color": "Brown", "images": ["http://img.michaels.com/L6/3/IOGLO/822472890/180353138/369659.jpg?fit=inside|540:540"] , "rating": 4.80, "rating_scale": 5, "rating_count": 6 }