Sporty Spirit Football Tee
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Sporty Spirit Football Tee

Be ready for the big game with this sporty spirit tee shirt using Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint Snow
  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter® Primary 6 Pack
  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter® Bond, 4 oz.
  • Red T-shirt
  • Cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Contact paper
  • Disposable paintbrush
  • Craft sponge
  • Paper plate
  • Scratch paper
  • Fine-tip marker
  • T-shirt board/cardboard (cut to fit inside shirt)

Project Instructions

1. Prewash and dry T-shirt to remove sizing; do not use fabric softener.

2. Insert a piece of cardboard or T-shirt board inside shirt to prevent paint seepage.

3. In the center of shirt, spray a coat of Snow Fabric Spray Paint, applying the color heavier in the center and lighter as you work your way outward. Let dry.

4. Squeeze a puddle of Glitter Bond onto a paper plate. Dip paintbrush into glue and freehand paint “S” shapes in the center of T-shirt as shown.

5. While adhesive is still wet, sprinkle red glitter over the top. Tap off excess onto a piece of scratch paper and repeat if needed.

6. Trace patterns onto contact paper with fine-tip marker. Place on cutting mat and cut out designs with a craft knife to create stencil.

7. Peel backing from stencils and place onto shirt as shown. Load craft sponge with Glitter Bond and pounce into stencil openings, working on one section at a time. Sprinkle blue glitter over adhesive, tap off excess and peel off stencils. Let dry completely.


Use a dry paintbrush to brush away loose glitter that won’t tap off shirt.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Laurie Eaton of iLoveToCReate®.