Star-Studded Summer Tie-Dye T-Shirt by Tulip®
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Star-Studded Summer Tie-Dye T-Shirt by Tulip®

Whether you’re looking to be festive on the Fourth or want to show your red, white and blue spirit the whole year through, this tie-dye T-shirt is the perfect fit. Add a gold star for good measure and you’re ready for some fun!
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kit™ – Primary
  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint – Gold Metallic
  • Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint – Gold Glitter
  • T-Shirt, 100% Cotton – White
  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Contact Paper
  • Marker, Fine-tip
  • Craft Knife
  • Craft Sponge
  • Foil (for Paint Palette)
  • Cardboard (Cut To Fit Inside Shirt)
  • Star Pattern (Desired Size)
  • Scissors

Project Instructions


Step 1 Pre-wash T-shirt to remove sizing; do not use fabric softener.

Step 2 Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth and lay damp T-shirt flat on work surface.

Step 3 Pinch fabric on left side of shirt and pull into a tube shape, then wrap a rubber band around fabric about 3" below tip. Repeat on right sleeve, wrapping a rubber band around sleeve at the seam line.

Step 4 Wearing gloves from kit, prepare red and blue dye according to instructions. Squeeze red onto the rubber-banded sections of shirt and blue onto the rest of shirt, making sure color seeps to the back side.

Step 5 Cover shirt with plastic tablecloth to keep damp and let set six to eight hours or longer for most intense color, Rinse thoroughly in warm running water until runoff is clear, leaving rubber bands intact.

Step 6 Wash shirt in a large load of hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap. Remove rubber bands and dry separately.

Step 7 Lay shirt flat on a clean work surface and insert cardboard between layers of shirt.

Step 8 Print desired size star image from the computer and cut out. Trace onto contact paper with a fine-tip marker and cut out star design with a craft knife, leaving outside edges intact to create stencil.

Step 9 Peel backing from star stencil and place in center of large red half circle design on front of shirt as shown.

Step 10 Use a craft sponge to pounce Gold Metallic Soft® Fabric Paint into stencil opening. Let dry and add a second coat of paint if needed. Peel stencil from shirt and let dry.

Step 11 Trace around outside of star design with Gold Glitter 3D Fashion Paint, leaving a small space in between star and outline as shown. Let dry completely then remove cardboard.


Leaving the rubber bands intact while washing (after the dye has set) helps ensure extra white lines between dye sections. Remove rubber bands before drying.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels courtesy of iLoveToCreate®.