Take Me for a Spin Tank Top by ArtMinds™
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Take Me for a Spin Tank Top by ArtMinds™

Put new spin on a plain tank top with the ArtMinds™ Red and Blue Tie-Dye Kit. Twist your way to traditional tie-dye designs in a few simple steps.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • ArtMinds™ Tie-Dye Kit – Red and Blue
  • Tank Top, 100% Cotton – White
  • Pastry Cooling Rack, Large
  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Rubber Bands

Project Instructions


Step 1 Wash tank top without fabric softener and do not dry.

Step 2 Cover work surface with plastic table cover.

Step 3 Lay shirt flat on covered work surface.

Step 4 Pinch shirt between fingers at the place where center of spiral is desired.

Step 5 Rotate your fingers, twisting fabric into a flat spiral.

Step 6 Bind with rubber bands, securing spiral shape tightly.

Step 7 Place bound shirt on covered work surface.

Step 8 Mix red and blue dyes according to package instructions.

Step 9 Apply dyes to spiraled shirt from outside edge to center, in wedge shapes, alternating colors.

Step 10 Let set six to eight hours.

Step 11 Rinse shirt in cold water until water runs clear.

Step 12 Without removing rubber bands, wash tank top in washing machine.

Step 13 Remove rubber bands and dry in dryer.


Laying the zip-tied shirt on a cooling rack over work surface while dyeing helps minimize color bleeding.

Craft Notes

Crafted for Michaels by Lauri Eaton courtesy of iLoveToCreate®.