Teen All About Me Journal
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Teen All About Me Journal

This project is a great way to create a personalized journal to keep your inner most thoughts, ideas and secrets. Use any picture you want and embellish to show the world your style!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Artist's Loft™ Watercolor Pad, small

Artist's Loft™ Watercolor Pad

 Mod Podge® Matte, small

Mod Podge® Matte


Material List

  • Canvas, 4inx4in (2)
  • Plaid® Mod Podge® – Matte
  • Artist's Loft® Acrylic Paints – Pink and Titanium White
  • Sharpie® Marker, Ultra Fine – Grey and Black
  • Sharpie® Marker, Fine Point
  • Crop-a-dile™
  • Toner-Based Copy of a Photo
  • Yarn – Color of Choice
  • Magazine Clippings – Random Words or Phrases
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Project Instructions

Step 1 Begin with a toner-based copy of a photo. Trace the 4"x4" canvas onto the photo and cut out.

Step 2 Apply toner-based photo to canvas using matte Mod Podge®. Refer to package directions. Let dry.

Step 3 Make pages of the interior of book with watercolor paper.

Step 4 Paint hair with pink. Let dry.

Step 5 Using grey Sharpie® marker, add text where desired. Refer to photo.

Step 6 Using Mod Podge®, apply random words or phrases from magazine.

Step 7 Once completed, mark two places where you will punch the holes for the book's spine. Use a Crop-a-dile™ to punch the holes. Line up the punch with the hole marks and push hard to puncture the canvas, doing one at a time.

Step 8 Continue to punch through the interior pages, too.

Step 9 Line up front and back canvas covers with interior pages and string a piece of yarn through. Tie a bow in the front.