Treasure Jewelry Box by Elmers®
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Treasure Jewelry Box by Elmers®

Craft your own sparkly treasure box to hold jewelry or secret treasures!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Elmer's® Designer Tape
  • Elmer's® 3D Swirl Glitter Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small Wooden or Cardboard Box
  • Tissue Paper – Color/Pattern of Choice
  • Sponge Brush
  • Plastic Disposable Cup
  • Foam Letters (Optional)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Pick a small wooden or cardboard box with a lid that will work for a small treasure or jewelry box. Pour some Elmer's® 3D Swirl Glitter Glue into a small disposable plastic cup and add some water to it with a 1:1 ratio. Mix until smooth with a sponge brush. This will be your glittery sealant for decorating and applying tissue paper onto your treasure box.

Step 2 Tear small pieces of tissue paper (pattern and color of choice). Apply a thin coat of the glitter glue mixture using a sponge brush onto a small area on your box. Then attach a piece of tissue paper on top to adhere and apply a second coat on top of the tissue paper to seal. Continue layering different pieces and colors of tissue paper until your whole box is covered. You can create some great color mixing effects using different colors of tissue paper since the paper is so thin and translucent.

Step 3 When you are satisfied with your design and have covered the entire box, top and bottom, set aside to dry completely. You may need to prop the top and bottom pieces of your box upside down (on plastic cups, for instance) so that all sides can dry and your box won’t dry to your working surface. While your surface is still wet, this is the perfect time to adhere a foam letter, or something to personalize your box before it dries.

Step 4 When the glitter glue sealant has dried completely on your box, add some finishing touches to your box using Elmer's® decorative tape. Accentuate the edges of your box with strips of the decorative tape. Fill with your favorite treasures!

Craft Notes

Pauline Molinari for Elmer's Products, Inc.