Turquoise and Copper Spike Necklace
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Turquoise and Copper Spike Necklace

Go beyond common gold or silver chains – make a necklace out of copper! This necklace with its turquoise and copper-colored spikes looks great paired with denim.

Designed by Molly Schaller.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Gallery® Charms – Copper Spikes (12)
  • Bead Gallery® Reconstituted Pendant – Turquoise Spikes (13)
  • Bead Gallery® Dyed Howlite Rounds, 3mm – Blue (30)
  • Beadalon® 19-Strand Flexible Beading Wire – Satin Copper (12")
  • Chain, Small – Copper (12")
  • Eye Pins, 2" – Copper (4")
  • Jump Ring, 6mm – Copper
  • Jump Ring, 10mm – Copper
  • Beadalon® Crimp Tubes, #2 – Copper (2)
  • Lobster Clasp – Copper
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers (2)
  • Crimping Pliers

Project Instructions

Step 1 Slide one 3mm howlite round onto an eye pin. Make a simple loop. Repeat three more times for a total of four howlite links.

Step 2 Onto the flexible beading wire, slide one crimp tube. Pass the wire through the loop of one howlite link and back through the crimp tube. Crimp or flatten the crimp tube.

Step 3 Cut the turquoise spikes from the pendant card, leaving them in smallest to largest to smallest order.

Step 4 String the following, keeping the turquoise spikes in the same order as on the card: one 3mm howlite round, one turquoise spike, one howlite round, one copper spike.

Step 5 Repeat Step 4 eleven more times. String one 3mm howlite round, one turquoise spike, one 3mm howlite round, and one crimp tube.

Step 6 Pass the wire through the loop of another howlite link, and back through the crimp tube. Flatten or crimp the tube and trim excess wire.

Step 7 Cut the chain into two 6-inch lengths. Open the simple loop of the link to attach a length of chain to each end of the spike portion of the necklace.

Step 8 Open the howlite link to attach it to the opposite ends of the chain. Attach the 10mm jump ring to the end of one of the howlite links. Use the 6mm jump ring to attach the lobster clasp to the other howlite link.


Lay out your strung beads on a bead board to make sure that the graduated turquoise spikes are in the correct order. This makes the stringing process much faster.