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Where Creativity Means to Me
Carla - Trend/ Designer, 4 years
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Finish this sentence: To me, creativity means….
Creativity is my passion, a driving-force in my everyday life that is as essential to me as air, food, and water.

What type of projects do you do best?
Large scale paintings or murals, and interior decorating.

What would you consider to be your signature technique or tip?
Don’t let fear hold you back. Experiment and have fun!

When did you first realize you were creative?
I don't think I ever had that "moment" because I thought that everybody was creative. I realized my drawing skills and sense of color were stronger than my peers in kindergarten, but I still think we all possess creativity. It comes in so many different forms. Some have just not tapped into it yet.

What's the coolest thing you've ever created?
My son and daughter hehe. I think the coolest thing I ever created is my mindset for possibility. It takes purposeful thinking to have an "anything is possible" mindset. It is in that freedom that all of my creative ideas have materialized. I think my paintings have been my favorites so far.

What inspires you to create?
I like to look through books, magazines, internet, movies, and museums to get inspired. I'm really drawn to color and pattern, black and white, and realism.

What was your biggest creative goof? How did you fix it?
Fortunately most of my creative goofs have been in paint. How did you fix it? I just painted over it. My attitude is, "Its just paint."

When and where do you feel the most creative?
I feel most creative at home in the evenings or really late at night. I also get inspired at our studio at work by my amazing creative friends and co-workers.

How do you find the time to let your creativity loose?
Fortunately, it's my job to let my creativity loose.

What would be in your dream craft room/work space?
My dream workspace would need to be light and airy, with lots of shelves for organized materials and reference books, large screen television, a Mac, surround sound stereo system,(You said, "dream") large corkboards for ideas and inspirations to pin up, large tables for cutting, drawing, making, and a space that I can leave unfinished projects out until I can finish them, chocolate candy, and friends.

What tools and supplies do you always have on hand?
Double-stick tape, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, canvases in all sizes, glue sticks and glue guns, ribbon, decorative papers, chocolate candy.

What's your favorite color?
I can't possibly have just one, but I lean towards bright green and turquoise.

What projects are you working on now?
Spring/Summer 2012 trends for our stores.

If you had a $100 Michaels gift card, what would you buy?
Paper, double-stick tape, paint, brushes, Prismacolor markers and pencils.

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