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Where Creativity Means to Me
Heather - Manager - Product Design, 2.5 years
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Finish this sentence: To me, creativity means….
To me, creativity is a gift you give yourself. The ability to create lies in everyone, and can be realized in countless ways. Allowing yourself to be creative and express self is the gift.

What type of projects do you do best?
Costumes, jewellery, head dresses, anything you can wear.

What would you consider to be your signature technique or tip?
Letting things fall together and throwing things together at the last minute. I try not to over-think or stick to a rigid plan. I let the creativity flow and often surprise myself.

When did you first realize you were creative?
I guess around the age of four, when I spent almost all my time making doll clothes out of my Grandmother's quilting scraps.

What's the coolest thing you've ever created?
A dress covered in wiffle balls for a costume. I have reinvented it time and time again.

What inspires you to create?
Other designers and artists, especially amongst my friends and co-workers and the neighborhood I live in.

What was your biggest creative goof? How did you fix it?
Constructing the wiffle ball dress to look like my body was two marshmallows fighting. I took balls off until it looked attractive. It was a good lesson in editing.

When and where do you feel the most creative?
Craft nights at my house with friends.

How do you find the time to let your creativity loose?
I must make time for myself. Having a creative outlet that is all my own makes me better at other aspects of my life, including work.

What would be in your dream craft room/work space?
A complete jewellery studio, a wood shop, and LOTS of organized supplies

What tools and supplies do you always have on hand?
Jewellery pliers, masking tape, hi-performance glue, beads, rhinestones, glitter and acrylic paint markers.

What's your favorite color?
There is a time and place for every color.

What projects are you working on now?
A small collection of beaded jewellery, sterling silver fabricated jewellery and flat felting with natural wools.

If you had a $100 Michaels gift card, what would you buy?
Large canvas, portable drawing horse, Golden paints, nice brushes and tons of jewellery supplies.

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