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Where Creativity Means to Me
Margaret - Product Designer – Jewellery, 1 Year
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Finish this sentence: To me, creativity means….
Letting your imagination go wild, inventing, experimenting, taking risks, making mistakes, thinking outside of the box and having fun. Finding news ways to interpret old ideas. To be creative is a gift you give yourself.

What type of projects do you do best?
At home I work mostly in clay. I usually throw my forms on the wheel and combine them with hand building. I like to make functional pottery, but lately I am experimenting more with non- functional items. I sew a lot as well. Sewing feels like the same kind of process as clay for me, taking something and turning it into something three-dimensional.

When did you first realize you were creative?
I don't think I ever at one moment realized I was creative, I just was. I turned my closet into a mini studio when I was young. I would close the door and do craft projects in there. It was peaceful and quiet. I remember making pipe cleaner and fabric flowers.

What's the coolest thing you've ever created?
I collaborated with a painter and I made some clay pears and she painted them really bright colorful patterns. We displayed them in a beautiful wooden box and called it "Fruit of the Month". It was a fun sculptural piece and it sold right away and that was really exciting for us.

What inspires you to create?
Everything, anything, the need to be busy, explore a new shape, try a new technique, use a new tool or try out a new process. All these things make me want to be creative.

When and where do you feel the most creative?
I feel most creative when it is quiet and I have some really cool materials in front of me and I get to just play. When I am out and about and see something that inspires me I want to rush home and start working, and forget about all the other things I have to do like cleaning and cooking.

How do you find the time to let your creativity loose?
I am very lucky that I get to be creative most days here at Michaels. I design jewellery so I am always thinking about designing. To be creative at home I really have to make it a priority with my time. We can always find things that have to be done, cooking and cleaning, but being creative is like feeding my soul. I have to do it. It makes me feel accomplished and whole.

What would be in your dream craft room/work space?
A place that doesn't have to be cleaned up every time you are finished for the day. I have that now. My clay studio at my house is always waiting there for me. In fact I hear it calling my name now!!

What tools and supplies do you always have on hand?
Did you know that many kitchen gadgets make great pottery tools? Whisk, Grater, Paring knife, Rolling pin, Basting brush,

What's your favorite color?
Blue, because someday I want to live by the ocean.

What projects are you working on now?
I am working on making some mugs and olive oil cruets for Christmas.

If you had a $100 Michaels gift card, what would you buy?
I would buy some new paintbrushes and some really cool scrapbooking papers to be inspired by. Do I have any money left? I always grab some chocolate at the counter.

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