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Where Creativity Means to Me
Martin - Senior Product Designer, 3 Years
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Finish this sentence: To me, creativity means….
open eyes open mind.

What type of projects do you do best?
Picture Frame Mouldings, Photography and Furniture Design

What would you consider to be your signature technique or tip?
A design which is elegant and timeless using a minimum amount of elements

When did you first realize you were creative?
As a child I spent a lot of time playing with Legos so I realized that I wanted to be architect or a designer

What's the coolest thing you've ever created?
I designed a collection of stackable and nesting tables that look like sculptures

What inspires you to create?
Architecture is my main source of inspiration.

When and where do you feel the most creative?
Morning is my best time of the day to design. Also I find inspiration visiting different countries and cultures

How do you find the time to let your creativity loose?
My mind is never at rest I'm constantly looking for what is next.

What would be in your dream craft room/work space?
My dream work space is a lab where I can experiment with all kind of materials and also have a 3D printer.

What tools and supplies do you always have on hand?
A camera in my pocket is my main tool.

What's your favorite color?

What projects are you working on now?
I'm designing moulding collections for fall 2011.

If you had a $100 Michaels gift card, what would you buy?
I would frame some of my pictures.

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